Smooth Built-Up Roof Restoration

Smooth Built-Up Roof Restoration

Project Profile

For this smooth built-up roof restoration project, the building owner was in need of a system that would prolong roof life and help cool the building interior. The sun’s constant UV rays were causing rapid degradation of the roof membrane and increasing energy cost of the building below.

First, the roof was pressure washed at 3,000 psi to remove any dirt, dust, and debris. Thoroughly cleaning the roof enables proper adhesion of the base coat to the roof surface.

Next, all seams, transitions, penetrations, drains, and other flashing details were coated using a thick, waterproofing mastic. This coating enables the system to withstand the natural expansion and contraction (thermal cycling) of the roof structure.

To complete the system, a urethane base coat and silicone top coat were applied providing the roof with a durable, highly-reflective finish capable of withstanding ponding water and UV radiation. This system will help to extend roof life, cool the building interior, and reduce energy costs by reducing HVAC system workloads.

Smooth Built-Up Roof RestorationSmooth Built-Up Roof RestorationSmooth Built-Up Roof RestorationSmooth Built-Up Roof Restoration