Single-Ply Roof Restoration

Single-Ply Roof Restoration

Project Profile

This EPDM single-ply roof restoration project was approximately 10 years old, and at the time of this project, leaks were minimal. The customer primarily wanted a fluid-applied roof restoration system to help cut down on energy costs and to prevent any further degradation of the roof membrane.

First, the membrane was pressure washed to remove ten years of dirt and debris that had collected on the roof. Since roof leaks were not an issue, we only had to reinforce a couple problem areas in the roof surface with polyester fabric.

Next, all seams, transitions, penetrations, and other details were waterproofed using a thick mastic. This application is the “strength” of the system and enables the roof structure to withstand daily expansion and contraction.

To complete this project, a urethane base coat and silicone top coat were then applied to the roof. This combination of urethane and silicone provides the roof with a durable, monolithic, water-tight membrane that is able to withstand ponding water and the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Single-Ply Roof RestorationSingle-Ply Roof RestorationSingle-Ply Roof RestorationSingle-Ply Roof RestorationSingle-Ply Roof Restoration