Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration

Project Profile

The problem with this aged metal roof restoration was simple–it leaked every time it rained! For any roof type, a leak is a big problem that can create even bigger problems if not addressed quickly.

To start the project, the entire roof was pressure washed using over 3,000 psi to ensure that the coatings would firmly adhere to the metal. For some metal roofs, a rust primer must be applied for the base coat to achieve optimal adhesion. For this roof, however, a primer was not necessary.

Next, every penetration, fastener, and seam was coated with a waterproofing mastic to prevent any further moisture intrusion. This thick mastic also enables the system to remain flexible enough to withstand the natural expansion and contraction (thermal cycling) of the roof structure.

Finally, an ivory-colored acrylic base coat was then applied to the roof, followed by a bright-white acrylic top coat. These coatings are specially formulated with strong algaecides to ensure the roof will remain bright-white for the life of the system.

Metal Roof RestorationMetal Roof RestorationMetal Roof RestorationMetal Roof RestorationMetal Roof RestorationMetal Roof Restoration