Gravel Built-Up Roof Restoration

Gravel Built-Up Roof Restoration

Project Profile

Southeastern Coatings & Waterproofing utilized a combination of spray polyurethane foam and silicone coatings for this gravel built-up roof restoration project. This particular gravel built-up roof (BUR) was between 12-15 years old and in desperate need of attention.

First, installers removed all the loose gravel and then cleaned the entire roof. This ensures the spray foam will adhere to the roof substrate. The foam is applied to the roof at a minimum of 1.5 inches with special attention given to parapet walls, penetrations, and other details to ensure a tight seal.

Next, a base coat and top coat of silicone were then applied to the roof. These silicone coatings prevent the spray foam from breaking down prematurely and provide the system with a weather-resistant, rubber-like seal capable of withstanding ponding water and the sun’s harsh UV rays.

With the system installed, We were able to restore the roof to a “like-new” condition and provide the building with an R10 insulation value.

Gravel Built-Up Roof RestorationGravel Built-Up Roof RestorationGravel Built-Up Roof RestorationGravel Built-Up Roof Restoration